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A Personal History

Nigel Brackley & NB Modeltonics

1970 - 2002

Most of my years in education were directed towards the technical side of life. With the emphasis on the ” hands on” areas being very strong. Upon entering the working sector, I began working as a draughtsman with a Central London based architects office. Here I was able to improve my skills in technical drawing and learnt more than the basics of building construction and conversion. After some years, I moved on to an American company based in Buckinghamshire, to expand into roof designing. First by hand - using a drawing board and calculators, then, as the parent company moved forwards, the world of designing by computer was entered. After many years of programming, maintenance and general computing, a new direction was being looked for. Having been involved with models from an early age, and continuing to construct and explore new areas and ideas while in the designing world, the chance to move into the world of modelling was just around the corner.

          I first started in the model world by joining a new model shop that had just opened close to London’s Heathrow Airport. From here I was able to see how different materials were being used and how new techniques were being applied. At the same time, with Pinewood Studios being very close by, the shop was also proving to be a good point of contact, as it would continually be used in supplying model goods to many of the productions at that time. This helped enormously in keeping up to date with current information and the way that miniature technology was moving.

          My initial involvement into the television industry commenced from this situation in late 1975, firstly through the shop on an individual basis, which then very soon expanded into long term freelance work with the Visual Effects Department at the BBC. By the middle of 1980, the Film industry was starting to be entered, and by the beginning of 1984, due to increased work commitments, NB Modeltronics was formed initially as a specialist model effects company for both film and television projects. From then on further expansion into other fields such as exhibitions, theatre and display work have been included within the company’s capabilities.

          Many things have been learnt over the past years of trading as a company. The ability to be able to communicate with clients and personnel, who ever they are, is of the utmost importance. Just as important is the ability to be able to visualise the finished item before construction is commenced and at the same time, to be able to see the remotest of possible problem areas that may arise along the way .